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06 December 2010

Oh the Weather Outside is Pleasant...

...ok, the song lyrics just can't be modified to fit a Texas winter. I miss snow in the winter (until I actually find myself in it!) So when I ran across this idea I grabbed it with both hands.

Bugs and Fishes's lovely snowflake curtain has been passed around the blogosphere alot this week.  I couldn't resist making one of my own.  I only used one size of basic snowflake though.  Looks to me like mine could be much improved by adding a smattering of smaller flakes.  That's going to have to wait until my hand recovers from all that cutting.  Other family members did help with some of these of course.  It's tough to walk past a table with 30 uncut but folded snowflakes when someone is busy snipping away.  Especially if a few pairs of scissors are glimmering in an expectant and friendly way.

I highly recommend this as a conversation starter for holiday parties.  Set a BUNCH of prefolded flakes in a wide mouth vase and scatter a few pair of competent scissors.  Maybe leave one cut out snowflake on the table too.  By the end of the party you'll have dozens of finished flakes and of course tons of little scraps of paper to sweep up off the floor!