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30 May 2013

Pearadise Finished

Modern quilting isn't really my style, but it seemed right for this collection of very bright prints from Connecting Threads called Pearadise.   They've just about sold out of all the fabrics in the line, but I picked up a few 10" squares and a jelly roll when it went on sale.  In order to see each print well in the quilt I wanted to seperate them with a solid fabric rather than build more traditional blocks.

And even though Judi's book, "Quilting Wide Open Spaces" hasn't come out yet, just the cover was so inspirational I had to add a few big empty blocks to quilt in.


Lots of swirly background fill in the border was fun, but took some time.

Binding was going to be plain white, but when I realized I would probably never use the scraps for anything else it struck me that a scrappy binding would make a nice finish.

The finished quilt has a random tile appeal and the colors remind me of the salt water taffy I loved as a kid (back when Atlantic City was a beach and a boardwalk!)

Big plain white back was an excellent excuse for a variegated thread or two.  If you click on the photo below, the detail is more obvious and the colors are pretty.

Using the "photo corners" style borders was fun and turned out less awkwardly than I'd anticipated.

Now it will have to wait until it finds a good home.

EDIT:  Swooze asked a good question in the comments - this quilt is my own design but it was inspired by a picture I saw on the web - I traced it back to the Happy Zombie (Monica Solorio-Snow) and you can buy the pattern HERE.