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03 December 2013

Throw in a Weekend

My long weekend had to spill over into yesterday to get this quilt finished up, but here it is!  I quilted a meander that looks a bit like snowballs in the white columns and very simplified snowflakes in the colored columns.


There was so much fabric left over, I'll have to do something else entirely with it, but I did want to use some of the leftovers for random blocks on the back.  The block placement isn't quite what I was shooting for, but it's close enough.  This quilt will just sit on the rocking chair in my living room during the winter months emitting coziness vibes.


The center block on the back is just a fussy cut from one of the cute prints with white crazy piecing to make it square.  

Here's a shot of the "snowstorm" on the back...

 And I just love the riot of color that ended up on the edge.  There were a bunch of two and a quarter inch cutoffs left so they got sewed together end to end for the binding.