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16 March 2019

Brights on Whites

I picked up two clearanced kits from Connecting Threads a few years ago and combined them to make this queen sized quilt.

The colors were just so cheerful!  The blocks and sashing were unusual and I found the whole thing enchanting.  I left off any outer border and simply extended the sashing stones around the edge for a non-standard binding.

There was so much fabric left over (one of the benefits of buying kits from Connecting Threads) that I could piece a back from it all.  Sadly, I didn't center it as well as I'd hoped, but it's still pretty cute.

Magnifico white thread throughout for the quilting.  Mostly swirls, with the occasional flower to break it up.  No sashing strips were quilted, giving a grid effect more visible on the back than the front.

Binding on the straightaways wasn't too bad, but ugh! all those points!  Well worth it in the long run, but so tedious at the time.

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