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13 October 2008

Trash to Treasure Fish

Feverishly working for about a week on this one, I have everything but the binding done. You may recall that one of Judy's posts inspired me to make fishes from a pattern she was working with. I modified the EQ6 pattern I had posted to include a few baby fish as this is to be a baby quilt. It was quilted with part of a modified pantograph pattern (by Debra Geissler). On finishing the quilt it looked to me like the fish didn't need eyes after all - that in fact eyes would be distracting, so I suppose these are blind fish.

Detail shots can be found HERE and HERE.

Thanks again Judy for sharing your booboos with the world, I find them inspiring!


  1. That is so pretty and I think your colors are just perfect.

  2. Love it! I love the seahorses and seaweed and other things you quilted in. Can't wait to see it in person!

  3. I think it's neat how you changed up the centers.

  4. It looks great! The colors are just perfect and I like both the baby fish and the lack of eyes.

  5. Goodness! Not only is it adorable but you're quick! So glad you were able to see that darling quilt from my mistake.

  6. I love the fish quilt idea and I love your color combination!!! Good eye to see the fish on Judy's boo boo :)

  7. Love it. So cute those little fish.
    Shirley in Oz


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