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17 November 2008

Whirlwind Has Passed

The weekend was a blast. This morning when I went to the studio and looked around however, it was clear that the whirlwind had passed straight through. Fabrics hanging limply disheveled in the stash cabinet, snips of thread all over the floor, tiny trimming triangles scattered like confetti, empty coffee mugs, every single pair of scissors I own on the sewing table - it was a wreck. The worst part was that I still hadn't finished picking out those bad quilting stitches!

Today is over and the only real progress I made was cleaning the studio and yes, snipping the rest of the threads. I had some great moral support via email from Zlaty which kept me working even after I was ready to give up. Tomorrow is a new day and I'll be able to get back to quilting instead of snipping. A few hours dancing with Terpsichore will even fade the memory of all those bits of thread I had to vacuum out of my machine rails.

Party hard, pay the price I guess!


  1. Today is a new day and I hope a great one!
    I am glad I was able to help you Liza! You are a great friend!
    Thank you for you support, too!

    I saw the first snow flakes this season, here in PA, it was pretty, but now is sunny again. :)

    Happy Quilting!


  2. Thanks for asking about the 4 patch posie fabric. I love your Jacob's ladder quilt pictured.


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