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10 January 2009

...And They're Off!

08:11 Saturday

Good morning quiltathoners! I'm starting my Saturday morning off with a steaming hot pot of coffee and my Cranston fruit blocks. These blocks were kitted up last month during the quiltathon and I'm just going to sit here and sew until they're all done.

As I complete tasks and move from one project to the next I'll update this post, so stay tuned!

If you have no idea what a quiltathon is, go read about it on Judy's blog right HERE. It's never too late to join in, so grab your needlework, tell the family to get their own darned breakfast, and sew a while!

11:35 Saturday

Finished with the star blocks. After a brief pause I'll get the ..uh...I don't even know what the other kind of block is called, but yah, those on the right. I'll get them done after lunch!
02:05 Sunday

Whew! Some lunch break! I came down with a bad case of bad attitude and a headache after that last post and ended up sleeping it off. I'm feeling much better now and am determined to restore the quiltathon spirit of the weekend. I'm going to square up these

and then start block assembly. I'll try to be quiet in case the rest of you are still sleeping.

05:46 Sunday

Thanks to my fellow insomniac, Tim, for keeping me virtual company while I squared all these up. I'm for a brief nap and fresh pot of coffee before sewing. See you all around nineish.

12:00 Sunday

Nearly there, nearly there. I'm doing the last step of assembly for the second kind of block right now. Haven't decided if I will try to put the whole top together or if I'll move on to something else.

19:00 Sunday

That took way too long. I finally have all the blocks made. No doubt in my mind that I'm finished with this project for now. The only thing I'll work on for the rest of this evening is one of the teapots I need to machine applique.


  1. I am quilting today too. Hope to get another one done so I can mail it to you next week for quilting. Let me know whether or not you will be ready for it.
    Good luck with your quiltathon goals. Maybe if we drink enough coffee we can stay up all nite and get them done ;o)

  2. Looking good. THose are very pretty. What size will the quilt be?

  3. Pretty blocks - will be interested to see the quilt they are going in.

  4. hope you feel lots better after your nap and can get your project completed. Love the fabrics you are using for it.

  5. Great job! I thought for sure I could get my QOV done. So naive! I have 11 3" pinwheels left to make and am trimming the HSTs for those now. I am half way through the trimming so should easily get them done in the next few days. I will bring this quilt to our sew in.

  6. I love the combination of orange and pink! I think it will be pretty!
    Good job!

  7. Wow, I like your blocks and you made wonderful progress!


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