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20 March 2009

It Must Be Spring

She has chosen the smallest tree in the yard for her nest. What was she thinking? This nest is maybe 6 1/2 feet off the ground. It is pretty well concealed, but it still strikes me as odd. She sits on the nest just about all day long so I'm guessing there are already eggs in there. I don't want to risk scaring her off though, so I won't peek too closely.

After watching her for several minutes this morning it suddenly struck me why she chose this spot for her nest. To get the full effect, I'll make you look at this next picture before telling the punchline. Her nest is just about in the center of the second picture even though you can't really see it that well from a distance. Figure it out yet?

That's right. She's nesting by the refrigerator! I just turned over the garden patch you can see to the right a couple of weeks ago so I can plant my late spring crop. All she has to do is hop down out of the nest and grab whatever flavor of bug suits her fancy. Lazy girl!

Pretty soon we'll have a few screaming baby birds in that nest. I guess I need to turn over some more soil for her!