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20 March 2009

Creativity, Ingenuity, Kits

A customer recently brought me this top to quilt. I love the color combination. Brights tempered with lighter shades of the same tones, log cabin variations have long been a favorite of mine too. The floral prints in the centers tie the colors together nicely.

This quilt isn't on my blog because of the quilting I did on it. That's just a simple end to end pantograph (leap frog by Norma Sharp) in American and Efird's Old Gold (30 weight). I've put this quilt up as an example of how even a kit quilt can show off an individual's creativity. Through some vagary of fate, these blocks didn't come out the size that Michelle expected them to so she added the skinny outer layer to each block which subtly changed the overall geometry of the quilt. When it was all assembled she decided it needed to be bigger for the purpose to which it would be put so she came up with the border idea herself. It echoes the flavor of the piecing without being redundant. Overall this created a really unique top that turned into a beautiful quilt.

Way to go Michelle!