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18 November 2014

The Respect It Deserves

My friend who is a quilter also makes gorgeous ceramics.  I regularly snatch works of art out of her trash can.  For my birthday she made me this amazing bowl.  It's deeper than the average bowl and the sides are a bit steeper, making it both fabulous to hold and far more useful when loading stuff on top of a scoop of ice cream.

Here it is being treated with the respect it deserves:

29 October 2014

24 October 2014

Wrong Way With Bubbles


Wrong Way With Bubbles is my own design.  I had a jelly roll and a charm pack and had no idea what to do with them.  Combine that with some spare time and that spells trouble.  Which rhymes with bubble.  And that is starting to sound like a really old movie.

It's hard to claim a design is your own anymore.  I'm sure I've seen chevrons on other people's quilts, and the super simplified half log cabin blocks certainly aren't new, but I think they've been combined in a fairly unique way here, so meh.  It's original.

I love quilting bubbles.  They are super fun and pretty easy but you do have to pay attention to the work so the proportions look right.  A couple of these bubbles look a little flat.

I've had the absolutely crazy backing/binding fabric in my stash forever.  It was one of those too cheap to pass up kind of deals, but it sure gathered some dust.  When I started looking at the stash for a back fabric this one JUMPED out at me.  The colors are spot on.

Technical specs:  90" x 64".  All cotton fabrics, warm and natural batting.  Unknown manufacturer white cone thread tex 40, A&E colors in tex 40.

Thanks for stopping by to see my very odd quilt.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the Bloggers Quilt Festival!

Bloggers Quilt Festival (Autumn 2014)


Welcome to my stop on the autumn 2014 Blogger's Quilt Festival.  Almost two years in the making for this quilt and I wasn't sure it would be finished in time for this festival either!  Modern Autumn started with a picture of a fabric collection on the Keepsake Quilting website two autumns passed.

The colors were so enchanting I pulled the closest things I could find in my own stash and started thinking about leaves changing colors.  Not long after the block pattern came to my attention on another website.

After the body of the quilt top was assembled it hung forlorn and abandoned in the studio for a year while I slooooooowly got the 336  1-1/2" HSTs squared up for the border.

The wind and leaves were super fun to quilt, but now I wish I'd used a little copper thread on the leaves.  Just a few days on Terpsichore, a bit of hand sewing for the binding, and voila!  

Super cozy and ready for use on a cool autumn morning with a cup of coffee and a good book.

Technical specs:  90" x 90" all cotton fabrics, warm and natural batting, A&E threads.

Thanks for stopping by, I read and respond to every comment.  Enjoy the rest of the Festival!

09 October 2014

Marcy's Leftovers Complete

This quilt was made from a bunch of muslin, a couple of pieces of solids from my stash, and a friend's leftovers.  The poor thing was put on Terpsichore and taken back off again half a dozen times before I finished all the quilting.

 I got a little whimsical in the borders.

My freehand circles are about as round as my homemade pancakes which is to say not especially round.  It was fun to quilt and I love the pattern the quilting makes on the back,

and the fabrics are gorgeous and I would never have made the quilt if it wasn't for the freebie 2" x 4" scraps Marcy handed me.

Binding the quilt in the neutral fabric may have been a mistake, but I've gotten bored with the eye popping edges I see everywhere (including on my own quilts) and am ready to try other things for a while.

Blue and green aren't my colors, so this quilt is looking for a home.

26 September 2014

Summer Retreat Quilt

A few times a year I meet some quilting friends at Le Retreat House in Gainesville and we all spend the weekend chatting and sewing.  It is relaxing and cathartic.  This summer I put together this top from two moda charm packs but I still haven't quilted it...

and my friend miz D made this one for her sister.  It actually took her several different retreats to piece it, but she got the binding on it this summer.

I didn't get pictures of any of the other quilts in progress, but we have another retreat coming up soon.

I also got the binding on this quilt which was very simple to make (from the pattern "Square Deal" found in Amy Smart's Fabulously Fast Quilts) and easy to quilt and it struck me funny to add a little text in the middle (visible on the back more than the front).

16 May 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival May 2014

Double photobomb!

Here's my entry for the May 2014 round of the Bloggers Quilt Festival.  This quilt was made for my aunts to celebrate their marriage last July.  Quilting took far too long and it didn't get finished until just last month.

The greens were supposed to be sage, but they just aren't.  I tried to tone them down a bit by using grey/green and grey/blue threads.

The pattern is just a traditional Carpenter's Wheel block made large enough to be a quilt.

I was especially pleased with the Invisafil thread in the outer border.  Nice subtle texture and unlike many of the thin and shiny threads, didn't break all the time.  The rest of the quilting was done in various shades of green and plain white A&E tex 40 quilting cotton.

The snails and pebbles background fill worked well, but from time to time it got boring so I threw in a few easter eggs.

From any distance at all the quilting is almost invisible on the front.  But if you get up close...

...the details come out.

Using a little bit of green thread on the back gave it some character.

The center medallion got a monogram, well-wishes, and a traditional curved crosshatch background fill.  You should see the three foot long MDF curve template I made out in the shop.  Thumping it around on the quilt for about six hours while I worked around the intials was a hoot, I assure you.

If I had more time I would probably have embellished these letters more.

Scraps from the green batiks joined end to end made the binding.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to say howdy in the comments.  I reply to all of them.  Enjoy the rest of the festival!

17 March 2014

As it Happens...

I'm working on a greenish quilt today for a friend.  :)

23 February 2014

Two Name Quilt

Beth built this beautiful top and asked me to quilt it.  She says wall hanging, so  I felt free to bling it with a silver metallic thread which isn't super obvious in the photos.  The quilt isn't mine to name, but if it were, the front would be called early spring rain in my garden, and the back...

would be called sprinkler day.

Not that I'm longing for warmer weather.  It's already in the 70's around here during the day and all the trees are starting to bud.  Click the pictures for a better view of the quilting.

18 February 2014

Superheroes and Automata

These darling robot and circuit board prints came from Connecting Threads, but they've been sold out for some time.  I picked up a fat quarter pack of them when they went on sale and combined them with some greys that had been ripening in my stash for a while in a super easy pattern, the inspiration for which I found here a few years ago.

I've been putting quite a bit of effort into using up what I have before buying something new, but finding the right back for this quilt took some doing.  It turns out it was sitting right there in my stash all along and I just wasn't thinking about it right.  What goes better with robots than superheroes?

Lucky for me there was that splash of blue in the fat quarters and of course lots of excellent orange.  I quilted with straight lines and used up all the odd bits of blues and turquoise bobbin threads that were sitting around from previous projects.  It adds a little character to the back.  Holy Warm and Cozy Quilt, Batman!

26 January 2014

The Pot Shop

It's an adorable casserole pot, but the most amazing thing about it is that my buddy Beth makes stuff this gorgeous ALL THE TIME.

23 January 2014

CQQ Part 4

I've got your turquoise, right here!

20 January 2014

CQQ Part Three

Shiny bling is really hard to photograph!  Here's a bit of it.

19 January 2014

CQQ Part Two

You won't really be able to see that color unless you click the picture for the zoom...What's that?  Not as much bling as you thought there'd be?  Just wait, there's more.